Christophe Frionnet

Biography (English)

1968Born on March 18 in Chatou (France), just before the revolution.
1975Writes his first poems on exercise paper, in red ink.
1978First music lessons, and first piano lessons, at the Nanterre Conservatory.
Learns the basics of percussion instruments from Mirtha Pozzi.
1980Improvisations and first compositions for the piano.
1984Begins to study Writing, Analysis and Composition with Philippe Leroux at the Nanterre Conservatory.
1985Literary Baccalauréat.
1986 Begins studies in Musicology at Paris IV-Sorbonne.
Piano lessons with Martine Vialatte.
Writes a play in one act, “Le Chevalier de la Peur”.
1987First performance of his Lignes crépusculaires, op. 2 at the Nanterre Conservatory, with Jean-Yves Branquet at the violin and the composer at the piano.
1988Discovers electroacoustic music, and studies it with Philippe Leroux, again in Nanterre.
1989Completes a series of poems, Chemin, begun in 1986.
Also finishes another series, begun in 1987 : L’Enterrement du Souvenir.
1990Begins studies in Philosophy at Paris X-Nanterre, by correspondence.
1991Beginning of a 3-year course in Composition and Analysis with Claude Ballif at the Sevran Conservatory. A unanimous jury awards him First Prize in Composition.
Travels to Yemen.
1992 Workshop at the Acanthes Center in the vicinity of Avignon : Composition and Analysis with T. Murail, G. Benjamin, M. Lindberg and P. Manoury.
Becomes an active member of the association L’Instant Donné, a society of composers and performers aimed at encouraging contemporary music by organizing first-performance concerts in France and abroad.
1993Enrolls in Michel Zbar’s electroacoustics class at the National Conservatory for the Region (C.N.R.), in Boulogne-Billancourt. After two years there, earns a Prize in Electroacoustic Composition.
Also studies percussion instruments with Isabelle Gascuel-Villevieille at the Nanterre Conservatory.
Another workshop at the Acanthes Center : Composition and Analysis, with G. Grisey, H. Birtwistle and K. Huber.
First performance of Diaphonies, op. 11, by the saxophone quartet Réunion, at Saint-Martin’s Church in Sevran, followed by a first performance of Muance, op. 14, for ten instrumentalists, conducted by Francesco Venerucci at the Sevran Conservatory.
Founds the association Anakrousis with several of Claude Ballif’s students : Francesco Venerucci, William Montesinos, Alexandre Tissier, Pierre Michon and clarinetist Claudine Movsessian.
Travels to Quebec.
1994On May 26, in Daniel Féry hall in Nanterre, first performance of Variations op. 19a, by Filipe Marques (guitar) and Leonardo Garcia (quena), Sept pièces brèves, op. 16, by Hortense Beaucour (cello) and La Question perpétuelle, op. 17, with Michel Pozmanter at the violin and the composer at the piano. On the same program, the first performance of Sans regrets, an electroacoustic opus.
First performance of Rhapsodie, op. 12, for clarinet solo, by Claudine Movsessian, during the concert “Around Claude Ballif” at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, on June 22. At the same concert, Variations, op. 19a and Sept pièces brèves, op. 16, were played by the same performers as the first time.
1995Pianist for the Ensemble L’Opus à l’Oreille (voice and piano) with Véronique Brunschwig and Myrto Gondicas ; various concerts in the Paris area until 1996 (on the houseboat La Balle au Bond, etc.)
Teaches choral singing and percussion workshops at the Collège Victor Hugo (junior high school) in Nanterre.
IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique : Institute for Research on and Coordination of Acoustics/Music) summer academy : Analysis with E. Nunes and L. Francesconni.
First performance of Hommage à R. P., op. 18, by the Ensemble Anakrousis, in Paris.
First performance of Souvenirs-Projection, op. 23, by L’Instant Donné (Amélie Berson, flute, Emmanuel Chaussade, clarinet) at the Temple des Billettes in Paris.
Variations, op. 19a is performed in Paris’s salle Cortot by Filipe Marques (guitar) and Ernesto Romero (flute) and again in Notre-Dame Church in Vincennes.
First performance of Tentatives-Tentations-Formation, an electroacoustic work, at the National Conservatory for the Region, in Boulogne-Billancourt.
1996Gives a piano recital at the Rameau Auditorium in Nanterre’s Maison de la Musique.
Enters Paris’s Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (C.N.S.M.) and studies Composition, Analysis, Electroacoustics and Orchestration with Paul Méfano, Gérard Grisey, Michaël Lévinas, Laurent Cuniot and Jacques Charpentier. Also studies Improvisation in the music of Northern India with Patrick Moutal. Receives his Senior Training degree in 2000.
Variations, op. 19a, is played again in February by the same performers during a lecture-concert on “Melodic space in the work of Claude Ballif” at the Conservatory of Paris’s tenth arrondissement.
First performance of Naissance du Sens, op. 24, by the Ensemble Zig-Zag (clarinet bass and string trio), in Rome on June 21, for the Festa della Musica.
1997First performance of Songes, op. 4, by the graduate school orchestra of the National Conservatory for the Region in Versailles, conducted by Paul Méfano.
First performance of Hymne, op. 3, by Catherine Ravenne, Catherine Heugel-Petit, Martine Vialatte and Nicolas Duchamp, in the great hall of the Maison de la Musique in Nanterre. At the same concert, the Sinfonietta orchestra of the Nanterre Conservatory conducted by Pierre Bouyer also performed Songes, op. 4, with the composer at the piano.
1998First performance of Cet ailleurs clément qui nous héberge tous, op. 28, by the Ensemble L’Instant Donné (Jean-Pierre Collot, piano, Olivier Voize, clarinet, David Gaillard, alto) at the Quartz in Brest. Three months later the same piece was given at the Théâtre du Tambour Royal in Paris.
1999First performance of Improvisation, op. 30, for flute and 34 musicians, during the Paris C.N.S.M.’s Composition Event, with Anne-Cécile Cuniot at the flute.
Monographic concert at the Rameau Auditorium in Nanterre’s Maison de la Musique, with first performances including several Études pour piano by Cristine Lindermeier, Variations, op. 19b for flute, guitar and prepared piano by A.-C. Cuniot, Filipe Marques and C. Lindermeier, De l’ordre du suggestif, op. 25, with A.-C. Cuniot at the flute and L. Szathmary at the cello, as well as a revised version of Lignes crépusculaires, op. 2, with Sophie Antelmi at the violin.
2000Becomes president of the association L’Instant Donné. Retains that position until 2008.
2002Fascinated by baroque music, begins to study the harpsichord with Kaori Takemata and Bruno Procopio at the Nanterre Conservatory.
2003Gives a harpsichord recital at the Rameau Auditorium in Nanterre’s Maison de la Musique.
Is amused to find one of his poems published in the local newspaper in Villennnes-sur-Seine, during a poetry contest organized there.
2004First performance of Deuxième Rhapsodie, op. 32, for clarinet solo, by Moneim Brini at Lyons’s Witkowski Hall.
First performance of La Monotonie du doute, op. 35, for string trio and harp, by the Ensemble l’Instant Donné (Saori Furkawa, Myriam Guillaume, Sophie Magnien, Esther Davoust) at L’Allan, Scène Nationale de Montbéliard.
Writes a collection of poems, Les objets cocasses.
Travels to Austria.
2005March : pianist Martine Vialatte records his 18 Études poétiques, op. 22.
Plays harpsichord for a baroque chamber music concert, along with Isabel Trocellier, Catherine Aizac and Agnès Le Batteux at the Rameau Auditorium in Nanterre’s Maison de la Musique.
First performance of Promenade Extension Nuit, op. 36, by the Saxiana Trio at the American Church in Paris.
2006First performance of Alias, op. 37, by flutist Isabel Trocelier, at a private concert.
Publishes two poems in the November issue of Filigrane.
2007Composes the music for a short film by Georges Sifianos, “Cest Moâ”. First performance, on June 17, of the educational work for 30 guitars, Demain, le soleil se lèvera au Nord, op. 40, conducted by Estelle Lallement, at the auditorium of the Cergy C.N.R.
First performance, in early July, at a private concert, of Madrigal, for flute and piano, by Isabel Trocellier and Elisabeth Johannes.
Completes two more collections of poems : Traces obscures and Valse aux objets.
2008Another series of poems : Celebration.
February, April, October and December : public readings of his poems at the Agora hall in Nanterre.
One of the founding members of the Association Temp’ora.
Participates in the 2008 “Poétrie” Festival at the Espace Quartier Latin in Paris (poetry, music and plastic arts). First performance of Le Dit de la nuit, op. 44 n° 1, for speaker and piano, with Pascal Fourvel and the composer at the piano. Exhibition of his poem Une tante with a sculpture by Isabel Trocellier.
2009February and March : Poetry readings at the Agora hall in Nanterre.
Publishes a collection of poems, Les objets cocasses, with eight ink and wash drawings by Jean-Marc Chouvel (DELATOUR publishing house). Presents the book at the Salon du Livre, Porte de Versailles on March 15.
2009 “Poétrie” Festival at the Espace Quartier Latin in Paris in April. First performance of Torrent de voix, op. 44 n° 2 for speaker, flute and piano, with Eric Meyleuc, actor, Isabel Trocellier, flute, and the composer at the piano. Also does a piano improvisation on a text by Laurent Sénanedj declaimed by the author.
Piano accompaniment for a recital of the poetry of Aline Dorosz on June 25 at the Cultural Center of the Ukrainian Embassy.
During the summer, records his Improvisations n° 1 to 22 for piano solo and n° 23 to 27 with Jean-Marc Chouvel at the clarinet.
Travels to the Netherlands in October. Takes part in the Bergen Music Festival, where he gives a series of solo piano improvisations. Records Improvisation n° 28.
Completes the series of poems L’Éclairage intime.
2010Recording of Improvisations n° 29 to 37.
Participates in the 2010 “Poétrie” Festival at the Espace Quartier Latin in Paris, in April. First performance of Le Voyage, op. 44 n° 3 for speaker, cello and piano, with Laurent Sénanedj, Laure Paviot, and the composer at the piano. Also does a piano improvisation on a text by Laurent Sénanedj declaimed by the author.
July-August : records Improvisations 38 to 61, as well as a CD, AfterJazz, with Jean-Marc Chouvel, clarinet, Michel Renaudeau, drums, and Jean-Pierre Kuntz, bass.
Completes the collection of poems : Territoires et tangentes.
2011February : records his Improvisations n° 62 to 64.
July-August : records his Improvisations n°65 to 80.
December : Recording of Première Rhapsodie, op.12 and Deuxième Rhapsodie op.32 for clarinet solo, performed by Claudine Movsessian
2012 June : Publishes a collection of poems, Célébration, followed by Territoires et tangentes, with ten water-colors by Joaquin Escuder (DELATOUR publishing house).
November : First performance of Isanga, op.47, for duduk and clarinet, by Araïk Bartikian and Daniel Paloyan, in the church of Venelles, France.
December : « Poétrie » Festival at the Espace Quartier Latin in Paris. Piano improvisation performance with Muriel Flicoteaux, dancer.
Completes a collection of prose writing, La ligne et la courbe.
2013 February : The trio Promenade Extension Nuit, op.36 is performed again by the Trio Saxiana at the Savigny-sur-Orge MJC (Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture : Youth and Cultural Center).
April : Private concert, plays the piano with Jean-François Lefèbvre at the oboe. Works by Frescobaldi, Fischer, Valentine, Marcello, Platti, Telemann and Bach.
May : Creation of the Sonata prima, op.5 performed by Rudolf Haken, alto and Davide Perrone, piano, at the Lycée d’État Jean Zay in Paris.
Creation of La Suite dans l’étrange, op.41 for flute, voice and piano performed by Anja Thomas, Ivan Bellocq and Jérémie Favreau at the Conservatoire National de Musique in Sofia (Bulgaria) during the Temp’ora International Meeting.
2014 January : Creation of Une image et son double, op.51, by organist Alexandra Fol at the Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal (Quebec). Second performance two weeks later at Mc Gill University in Montreal.
Also in January, creation of Quand le son, froissé d’extase..., op.52 by two flutists, Matthieu Clavé and Shelley Smith in Orlando (USA) during the Florida Flute Association Convention.
May : First performance of a show, Improvisation/Poetry, with Mahmoud Razzaghi, reciter, at the Lycée Jean Zay in Paris. At the same time, creation of three pieces for cello, Bruits, op.27, performed by Laure Paviot.
August : Temp’ora International Meeting at le Rocher de Palmer in Cenon, France. Another performance of Souvenirs-Projection, op.23 by Ivan Bellocq, flute, and Guido Arbonelli, clarinet. Lecture on Musical systems.
December : 2014 « Poétrie » Festival at the Espace Quartier Latin in Paris. Piano improvisation performance with Muriel Flicoteaux, dancer.
2015 January : Private concert, plays the piano with Jean-François Lefèbvre at the oboe. Works by Bach, Bellini, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Reicha, Chapuis, Fauré, Ravel and Debussy.
April : Interpretation of Étude répétitive, op.22 n°4 by Kito Kouka at the Centre Culturel Athénée in Rueil-Malmaison, France.
May : Concert-Recital of freeform piano improvisations at the Lycée Jean Zay in Paris. Christophe Frionnet creates works by Ivan Bellocq, Florent Nagel, Jean-Marc Chouvel, Frédéric Ligier and Davide Perrone.
June : Creation of La Question perpétuelle, op.17 for violin and piano, performed by Léo Marillier and Antoine de Grolée, at the church in Saint-Loup-de-Naud (Seine-et-Marne). Second performance a week later in Richelieu Hall at the Sorbonne in Paris.
2016 February : Private clavichord concert. Works by Purcell, Weldon, Chambonnières, Balbastre, Scarlatti, Platti, Telemann, and C.P.E. Bach.
April : Private piano concert for the benefit of TFN-France, at Rueil-Malmaison. Works by Louis Couperin, Purcell, Chambonnières, Telemann, W.A. Mozart, F.X. Mozart, F. Chopin, F. Liszt, E. Satie, G. Tailleferre, B. Bartok, A. Khatchaturian, O. Messiaen, and C. Frionnet.
May : Piano concert-recital at Jean Zay Lycée in Paris. Works by Louis Couperin, F. Liszt, F. Chopin, E. Satie, W. Kempff, A. Khatchaturian, B. Bartok, Franz Xaver Mozart, and O. Messiaen, as well as some free improvisation.
June : Premiere of his Gray Dawn and White Murmuring, op. 56, a concertino for Celtic harp and small ensemble, performed by the Camerata XXe with Marie Gérard at the harp and Marie Denizot, director.
August : Concert at the Notre-Dame de Champ Dolent church, together with oboist Jean-François Lefèbvre, Works by J.S. Bach, G.P. Telemann, G. Platti, W.A. Mozart, F. Chopin, F. Mendelssohn, G. Fauré, E. Satie, De Vecsey, and Scott Joplin.
October : Private piano concert in the city of Le Pecq. Works by L. Couperin, W.A. Mozart, E. Satie, A. Khatchaturian, F. Nagel, and J. Charpentier, and free improvisation.
December : Piano concert-recital at the Argentinian Pavilion of Paris’ Cité Universitaire. Premiere of his Seven Winks at the April Moon, op. 57. Works by Frédéric Ligier, Jacques Charpentier, and premiere of Florent Nagel’s Unis vers nous sommes.
In December, also : Poétrie Festival 2016 at the Espace Quartier Latin in Paris. Creation of the show Vertigo Fifth with Isabelle Jaquet, dancer and choreographer.
2017 May : Sound and Fury concert at the Lineage Performing Arts Center in Pasadena, California, U.S.A. First U.S. performance of Barcarolle, op. 46 for piano, as well as of The Tale of the Night, op. 44 n° 1 for speaker and piano, and Study for 4 hands, op. 22 n° 9. With Jérémie Favreau, recitation and piano, Wojcieck Kocyan, piano and Lorenzo Marasso, piano. On the same program, works by Patrick Defossez, Francis Poulenc, Jean-Marc Chouvel, Ivan Bellocq and Paul Hindemith.
Translation : Helen Arnold.

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